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floating solar in the Adriatic Sea

XLAND offshore solar platforms are designed for the challenging demands of offshore solar power generation. They are a patented system that optimizes solar production with the best buoyancy and durability conditions.

The flexible structure and the floats minimize the excitation of the waves. In fact, this structure was designed to withstand the complex marine conditions, not only due to the potential wave conditions, but also to the typical corrosion present in the open sea, to the guano of gulls, etc.

AGNES Solare Galleggiante Offshore In mare Adriatico
AGNES Solare Galleggiante Offshore In mare Adriatico

Every detail has been considered to optimize productivity and minimize maintenance costs.

XLAND platforms are scalable and laterally they can reach a length of several km for the construction of offshore plants of hundreds of MW.

XLAND are optimized both to absorb the greatest ventilation present in the sea (which involves a loss of temperatures and therefore an increase in performance) and to capture the greatest number of solar rays reflected from the sea.

XLAND offshore platforms can be integrated with the solution that Qint’x has studied for the production of hydrogen directly from salt water.

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