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The assessment of the visual impact of the plants from the coast is very important in an area such as that of the Adriatic Riviera which sees tourism as a primary source of income. For this reason, Agnes, a company from Romagna region, has decided to develop this project in the Adriatic Sea, paying the utmost attention to this aspect.


In our opinion, “nearshore” wind farms such as the one in the image above (located 5 or 6 miles from shore) do not meet the minimum acceptable characteristics for the respect of the tourism sector.

We believe that the right distance for the construction of wind farm is “offshore” and at least 12 miles (about 20kmfrom the coast) in international waters. The image below represents a clear example of how a “nearshore” plant can visually impact our coasts.


Our “Romagna 1”and “Romagna 2” wind farms made up of 65 turbines will have only three turbines within 12 miles (the closest is 10 miles –18 km from the coast in front of Lido Adriano).

These three turbines, slightly visible from the coast only on clear days, will arouse interest and will attract tourists… A new tourist attraction discovering offshore renewable energy!

It will be possible to visit the wind park, with departures from the ports of Marina di Ravenna, Cesenatico and Rimini.

Boats equipped with bars and restaurants will take tourists near the turbines.

The universally known hospitality of Romagna region will transform this trip into an unforgettable experience!


Seeing the giants of the Sea up close (the turbines installed in Romagna region will be among the largest in the world) will literally take your breath away! This incredible experience will remain forever in the memory of tourists from all over the world.

The wind farm located at the right distance from the coast and therefore in international waters will increase the tourist value: green economy and ecological tourism together for a common success!


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